Canon FX1000 Review

For an additional $1750 you could spring to the specialist Sony HVR-Z5U, that is quite much like this HDR-FX1000, but comes equipped with greater sound controllers, more connectivity choices, and a pair of natively-progressive CMOS detectors. If you are an expert videographer, but you will probably be disappointed with all the camera’s lack of exact controls along with its packed design. The HDR-FX1000 is quite limited in regards to sound connectivity (it does not have any XLR inputs), and the button design for specific controls is downright awful. That having been said, the camera represents a nice value for everything you buy, and there are not a lot of versions out there which record HD and provide this much control for under $3200. Additionally, the HDR-FX1000 performed amazingly well in our movie functionality evaluations, so in the event that you care more about picture quality compared to the grade of manual controls, this might be the camera for you personally.

The scroll wheel is problematic for any variety of reasons: its own finely ribbed surface provides dreadful grip, its place is inferior, and the wheel is obviously not suited to on-the-fly maneuverability. Users with big fingers will discover the scroll wheel excruciating, which is a massive hindrance considering the number of attributes, menus, and settings have been controlled with the wheel.

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The FX1000 is a professional-grade camera using a slew of features, a lot of which can be problematic for a normal user to understand. If you do not require control over matters such as gamma curve, black levels, and colour, then you might choose to check at a luxury consumer camera rather. But if you are an enthusiast who lives to play around with controllers, the FX1000 will give you with a great deal of amusement.

That having been said, that the FX1000 does not supply the exact same amount of control since Canon’s HDV professional translators provide, and its own method for adjusting controllers can be frustrating. Or a prosumer camera, the HDR-FX1000 might be a lot easier to use. Despite the fact that it has much more features compared to higher-end professional translators, it still feels confusing and cluttered. Take, as an instance, the FX1000’s manual management system. To control a setting like shutter speed, the consumer should first place the camcorder into Manual mode. Next, you have to find the shutter speed button, which places shutter speed controller into manual mode. Too many switches are needed to be able to get some of the easiest and most significant manual controls on the camera.

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